Bild von Handabsperrarmatur DN 350 GKV 600 mit DN 25 GKV 400

Valve body and piston

All Piston slide valve bodies are made out of tin bronze CuSn10, without exception. Starting from DN 65 the piston is made out of bronze, too, smaller valves have got a brass piston. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity and the high resistance to ignition GÄBLER piston slide valves are predestined for the use in gaseous oxygen.

Tin bronzes without aluminium content are recommended for gaseous oxygen up to 21 MPa by the European industrial gases association EIGA in the guideline 13/12/E without a limitation of the flow velocity.

Similar to nickel-based alloys a combustion of tin bronze and above all the start of a fire in a bronze valve is almost impossible, presupposed the cleanliness of the valves is guaranteed and the seals have been tested for oxygen.

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