Bild von Federkraftschließender Sicherheitsabsperrarmatur DN 100 GKV 560

Automatically operated valves

Remote controlled GÄBLER piston slide valves can be operated with an internal medium actuation pressure supply own medium operation – or – using an additional actuator cylinder for the separation of the actuation (medium from the pipeline medium) with an auxiliary medium like nitrogen or instrument air.
Especially in cases in which air or nitrogen is not available an own medium operation offers obvious advantages.

Due to the design of the piston, low actuation pressures are required to operate the valve even at high differential pressures. Based on the comparatively low stroke and the short closing times the GÄBLER piston slide valves provide an optimum solution as quick-shut-off valves.
Used as a safety shut-off valve in case of an emergency the flow can be stopped in the shortest posiible time, including a reliable and tight closing. The soft seal in the valve seat provides an absolutely tight shut-off of the line.